Our History

The Bank of Centerville opens for business

ONE AMERICAN BANK was founded well over 100 years ago, in 1883, six years before South Dakota was granted statehood. Then known as the Bank of Centerville, our bank was started and operated by several members of the Thomson family. As principal shareholders and executive officers, the family oversaw our growth for 100 years, even renaming the bank First Midwest Bank along the way.

A vision is set in place

In 2011, we became ONE AMERICAN BANK when Mert Lund purchased the bank. Lund was an innovative business leader who brought 40 years of experience as a community bank owner. During his all-too-brief tenure, Lund re-established the bank as an innovator in its products and services without sacrificing the highest standards in personalized customer service. Although Mert has now passed away, his vision for ONE AMERICAN BANK has not. Thanks to a strong management team in place with David W. King as CEO, we continue to proudly serve the local community.

Embrace the future but stay true to your roots

Today, as an extremely well capitalized financial institution, the Bank is embracing technology with new products and services, such as Kasasa Cash® and Kasasa Saver®, as well as online and mobile banking. As much as these technological advancements will enhance and simplify the way you conduct your financial business, it’s the staff members at ONE AMERICAN BANK that will be there to listen to you, to assist you, and help answer any questions that technology simply can’t resolve.

What's your story?

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our bank, now we’d love to learn more about you! Let’s talk­ today — please stop by one of our convenient branches, contact us online, or give us a call at 605-361-1010.